Building Future

We believe the right way to spend money is to invest. KoinBlockeX has invested in digital assets and blockchain companies since 2017 and achieved successful track records.

  • We are successfully managing $22.1M funds under our management and securing a bright future.
  • Taking advantage of 4 powerful strategies with the preservation of capital.
Exclusively focused on tokens and projects related to Blockchain Technology, Digital Currency and Crypto Assets

Creating Sustainable Ecosystem

Asset Management

A diversified digital asset management and managing third party capital across traditional asset classes. We have exceptional connectivity throughout the crypto ecosystem.

Early Stage Investing

We invest in teams and startups building new protocols and projects in the blockchain ecosystem as a venture capital. Offering liquidity horizon of 1-4 years.


Access to Intelligent Trading Solutions. Methodically developed our trading business along with quantitative and qualitive risk management methods.

Crypto Research

Monitoring key sources and communication channels for all top assets. Flagging major updates, covering more intel from the ecosystem. Then creating context.


We believe in long-term value and exponential returns in the ecosystem. Focusing long-term asset hodling in BTC, ETH, DOT, LINK, and SOL. We aim to build an enduring firm with a long-term compass and sustainable growth.


Aside from other services, we are providing custody solutions to institutional and individual clients with a reliable and secure way to protect their digital assets. Flexible pricing with no minimums.


Venture Investments

Unlocking The Potential of True Power

Thematic ideas, Protocols, Infrastructures and Startups

KoinBlockeX Capital is an alternative investment firm focused on diversified financial services such as Digital Assets, Blockchain, and Decentralized Finance markets. We work wisely to identify opportunities, build technology and manage risk. We believe the digitalization of financial services is the key element for the future. Blockchain technology allows simplifying complex infrastructure and accessible globally. The growth potential is much more reliable than any other financial market over the next 10 years.


Possibility of high returns over the threshold


Evaluating market conditions at optimum scale


Providing secure access to financial markets with innovative products
Building Strong Relationships

Guidance Without Trust Is Advice Without Value

As an enduring investment firm, we navigate every business decision with a long-term compass, seeking to invest in strategic relationships and sustainable growth. Treating Every Client as a Unique One

Strategic Financial Solutions

KoinBlockeX Capital

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